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Property Management Services


  • Place a Franklin Real Estate & Rentals for rent sign on the property.
  • Advertise the property on our website and syndicate websites.
  • Feature the property on our rental list which is distributed daily from our office location.
  • Accept applications and screen applicants, which include checking with past and present landlords, verifying employment and checking credit history.
  • Draw a valid rental agreement, have the tenant sign the rental agreement, collect good funds, and deposit to Brokers Trust Account before giving tenants keys and possession.
  • Conduct a written move-in inspection.
  • Perform a physical inspection of the property annually, or more when warranted.
  • Present suggestions for preventive maintenance and/or upgrades to the property to the owner for evaluation and approval after each scheduled inspection.
  • Do move-out inspections when the tenant vacates and take care of any necessary work that is a tenant incurred expense.
  • Return security deposits to tenants within the necessary time frame of 21-days, which is required by law, less any deductions for repairs.
  • Handle all necessary repairs by having the tenant call us with maintenance problems.
  • Collect rent, pay expenses, and distribute Owners net, along with a monthly computerized statement of income and expense. We also furnish a 1099 and year-end statement.
  • Handle any late rents and deliver any necessary 3-day notices.
  • We will also pay mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities, and all other property related expenses out of the rent if so instructed by the owner.